Top 5 Benefits of CCTV Camera Installation in Schools

Schools lose goods worth millions to smugglers and thieves, something that is causing a substantial amount of worry to both the management board and parents at large. Besides theft, gun violence witnessed in a significant number of schools in America has raised the alarm regarding safety in schools.

If hiring security personnel is not enough to safeguard the school, how else can you secure your institution from detrimental crimes? Acquiring a CCTV camera will save your school from significant crimes that would have otherwise led to a loss of millions’ worth of property and even lives. Below are the benefits of installing a CCTV camera in school.

Provide Surveillance Within the School Perimeter

Placing cameras within the school perimeter helps the management observe movements within and near the perimeter, such as people coming in and going out. Any strange activity or individual can be seen, and a quick response is taken before bringing their evil actions within the school compound.

What’s more, the evolution in technology has seen the production of advanced system CCTV cameras that work with an artificial intelligence alarm system. Any abnormal activity captured on the camera triggers the alarm to alert the security personnel to take quick action and call for reinforcement.

Prevent Theft

Installation of cameras is a crucial move since it allows the management to see all the activities taking place within the premises. In the past, there have been both external and internal theft of all kinds.

External theft entails ill-motive individuals breaking into schools intending to steal books, money, or any other valuable asset for their gain. Internal theft involves students stealing from their fellows anything ranging from the lowest valued stationary to the most expensive. What’s more, there are circumstances where students have sneaked into the staff room to steal a copy of the forthcoming exam and share with mates leading to illegal high scores after marking. All these can be prevented by the use of CCTV cameras.

Act Like a Watch-Dog to Tutee/Educator Conduct

We’ve had tutors’/students’ complaints in the past. Some entail teachers hitting their students badly to the point that they get admitted to hospitals. Also, there have been incidents where students hit their teachers fatally, something that most parents rubbish unless it is captured on camera.

In severe circumstances, teachers or students hit succumb to their injuries. With a CCTV camera under their watch, teachers cannot exceed their punishment limit, and students would not act abnormally.

Gone are the days when teachers could hit students. It is currently illegal to hit a student in the pursuit of dispensing education. The cameras play a significant role in keeping an eye on both teacher’s and student’s conduct.

Besides, the cameras do not only check on the behavior but also the teaching efficiency of a tutor and student’s conduct in terms of writing coursework and class assignments. “How do I write my essay impeccably under watch?” It is simple; understanding the concept of the coursework is the key to quality academic performance.

Sigh of Relief to Parents

Most parents are caught up at work and find only minimal time with their kids. Thus, they can hardly know whether their children have gone to school or not. However, CCTV cameras have salvaged such a situation big time.

Parents can have CCTV footage of their kid’s school in their phones. Besides knowing whether a child has gone to school, parents can also view their kid’s conduct in class via the cameras.

Preempt Bullying

Most students, more so in their preliminary time at school, complain about bullying. Even though some parents and teachers think it is a normal way of welcoming an individual to the learning world, it could be disastrous. Bullying has adverse effects that have destroyed lots of lives and caused limitless suicides among the bullied helpless students.

Kids have always been kids; they don’t care or sieve their words before uttering them. Therefore, mates with disabilities, those who score low marks, or those that appear not good-looking are prone to fall victim to bullying.

Such a set of students tend to suffer a lot silently to the point of committing suicide if there’s nobody who can intervene in their situation. However, with CCTV cameras all over the place, curbing such emotional invoking encounters becomes easier and hence, preventing bullying.

Final Word

Technological advancement has changed different parameters within an educational setting. For instance, the development and installation of CCTV cameras in schools have managed to shape teacher’s conduct and also prevent bullying. Since innovation is evolving every day, we expect to see much more improvement in terms of surveillance within the school setting.

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