PlayStore Alternatives: 5 Best Sites to Download Android APK Apps and Games

Some of these app stores offer users apps that are even not available in the PlayStore as a result of policy violations or geographical restrictions. The good thing about some of these app stores is that they can be used alongside Google PlayStore. So, here’s a list of the best PlayStore alternative apps.

1. Huawei AppGallery

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Before now, the Huawei’s AppGallery was solely created to serve its smartphones brands – the Honor and Huawei devices. But as a result of the recent trade war between China and the United States of America, there have been sanctions on Chinese products and services, and this has prompted the company to make its app store accessible to everyone. Huawei AppGallery has a robust directory of apps and PUBG alternative games. If you are concerned about the security of the apps on Huawei’s app store, the company verifies the apps on its platform with the developers signature. The app store has different categories of applications and boasts of more than 1.4 million apps.

2. APKpure

APKpure is another choice PlayStore alternative app where you can download and install your favorite apps. The app store is designed to provide users with a comprehensive list of popular android apps with fewer restrictions compared to PlayStore. It has an easy-to-navigate user interface, and the app store developer has put measures in place to authenticate all apps in its store. You can be rest assured that apps are free from malware. You can download any of the popular mobile applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other games and apps. The only downside to using APKpure is that there are not many apps compared to PlayStore.

3. APKmirror

APKmirror is a good PlayStore alternative that allows users to download and install many apps just like on Google PlayStore. It is a library of the most popular apps. You can download as many apps as you desire. APKmirror has a web page where you can search for apps you like. The site also has an android app you can install just like PlayStore to have access to all android apps you need. Another good reason why you should try APKmirror is that it isn’t as restrictive as PlayStore as you can download any app, especially geo-restricted apps and some mmo rpg games that are geo-restricted.

4. Amazon Appstore

Owned by the largest e-commerce company in the world, the Amazon Appstore is an excellent PlayStore alternative app to download your favorite games and APK apps. The app store has a rich repository of popular apps in different niches – be it sports, games, productivity, beauty, food, comics, etc. Amazon Appstore is the default app store on the company’s electronic gadgets Fire Tablet, Fire Phone, and Kindle, but it works great for other android smartphones too. The app store has a user interface similar to Google’s PlayStore. A good reason to download and start using this app is that Amazon offers you one paid app for free daily.

5. GetApps

GetApps is a Xiaomi owned app store where you can download any of the popular APK apps and games. Although it was originally created for its devices like the Pocophone, Redmi smartphone series, and the MI, you can download and use it on other android devices. The app store has an extensive directory of apps, and they categorized to enable users to search and download them easily. Xiaomi app store is designed to allow users to pay for apps and games with the MI Pay and MI Credit. GetApps is a secured platform to download any of the popular apps like TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok alternatives, etc.

6. Aptoide

If you’ve been looking for PlayStore alternatives where you can download APK apps and games, then you should try Aptoide. The app store has a robust directory of popular apps, geo-restricted apps, and other apps that violate Google’s PlayStore terms and conditions. Aptoide is pretty much secured for use because the apps are uploaded by developers and are also checked by Aptoide.

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