How to Recover Lost Data and Ensure Hard Drive Recovery on Windows

Losing data on a computer or hard drive can be quite stressful. Do not panic, it is quite common to lose data either by mistakenly emptying the recycle bin or because of hard drive damage. Fortunately, it is quite possible to ensure hard drive recovery. Data can be recovered completely, or at many times partially from the hard drive.

As soon as you realize that your data is lost, resort to below-mentioned actions in order to ensure maximum hard drive recovery.

a. Stop Using the Device Immediately: Data deletion is nothing but data being overwritten on your hard drive sectors might be a bigger problem. Stop using the device so that the free space is not overwritten by new data. Do not download any new audio, video file etc. because this might make it harder to recover your lost data.

b. Check Recycle Bin: Chances are you have already done that, but if you have not, then do this immediately.

c. Act Fast: Hard drive recovery also depends on various factors and one of them is time. Therefore as soon as you realize the data loss, act immediately. Chances are high that you may recover the entire data on the hard drive.

d. Do not try to freeze your external hard drive as popularly suggested. While the method may prove useful sometimes, you would not want to put your stake if the data is important.

e. Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free :It is important to download a good free file recovery program and I will suggest EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which is free and absolutely easy to use. This software has many great features worth mentioning:

  1. User-friendly: The simple Easy to Use installation guide helps you recover data with ease.
  2. Recovery of difficult data: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help with hard drive data recovery in most difficult cases like formatting or files removed by (Shift+Del key).

Steps to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Hard Drive Recovery

Good news is, it is not necessary to have the software pre-installed. You can easily download it if unfortunately, you have lost data from your hard drive. Launch the software after installing it.

1. Select the exact location where data recovery on the hard drive has to be done, whether it is an internal hard drive or an external USB drive. Then Click Scan.

Tip: Try to download the software on a USB drive to avoid overwriting the space where lost data was stored. In case you are not able to get a USB drive, try to download the software in a different place on the computer (not in the same hard drive where data was stored)

In this example, I have stored it in D drive as data was deleted from C drive In this way, I am avoiding that.

2. Scan the Entire hard drive for data recovery: Depending on the amount of data and size of disk, it may take a few minutes to a few hours for the hard drive recovery. A timer will run at the bottom to reflect the time left for the entire data to be recovered. You can stop the data extraction by pausing the timer if you have found your data.

3. Select the Files and Select Recover: Chose all the Files/Folders you want to Recover and Click “Recover”. A window will prompt to ask where you want the recovered files to be stored.

Congratulations! Your Files are now recovered and so is your Hard Drive.

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