Energy 101: Technological Tips on Conserving Energy

There are various ways to cut down energy consumption in your home thanks to big leaps in technology. In the modern world, almost all household appliances are smart, meaning they have various programmable and remotely controllable features and capabilities. Investing in technologically advanced appliances may seem expensive at first because of the initial upfront cost. However, these devices last longer, are safer and use the least energy. Their long term benefits and cost-effectiveness outweigh the initial price by a huge margin. According to studies, you can save up to 50% on energy bills by investing in smart household appliances and energy-saving systems. Below is a brief look at 4 ways to conserve energy using modern technology.

Use smart lighting solutions for your business

Lighting is one of the areas that use up a lot of energy, especially if you still use old systems in your business. While finding modern lighting solutions should not be a problem in urban neighborhoods such as Brisbane, not all offers are the same. It is important to choose companies that specialize in specific types of lighting, especially if you own or run a large commercial space like a warehouse. When it comes to Warehouse lighting Brisbane, the folks at are the ones you can rely on to get the job done. They are a team of highly knowledgeable and qualified master electricians, who can help your business reduce energy and save you money.

Use smart thermostats and blinds

Smart thermostats can help you minimize swings in temperature. They also eliminate the need to blast up your air conditioning on a hot day. These devices automatically adjust your heating and cooling based on pre-programmed temperatures. The thermostats can be remotely controlled to initiate or stop cooling, thanks to Wi-Fi capabilities. You can also feed your energy usage data or create an automated schedule for heating and cooling. Motorized blinds can help you block some of the harsh sun rays from entering your home while still allowing enough illumination in the room. These smart blinds will roll down during the hottest periods and fold when temperatures have gone down, thus complementing your thermostat other temperature regulation efforts.

Use power strips to manage standby energy consumption

Household appliances and electrical devices consume energy even when switched off provided they are still plugged into the wall. Standby state also consumes energy, especially when you leave your laptops and TVs on for a long period of time. According to studies, standby energy consumption accounts for up to 10% of annual energy bills. Power strips can help you reduce this wasteful consumption by shutting down devices that have gone into standby mode.

Invest in smart appliances (dishwashers, cookers, washers, dryers)

You can find modern household appliances with advanced technology that allows Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control, voice control/recognition and programmable features. Programmable washers and dryers will allow you to manage washing cycles. They provide alerts and SMS notification when the task is complete. You can also find programmable cookers and smart microwaves. These devices can send text notifications, scan barcodes to download the correct cooking instructions and inform you if there is any malfunction within the system.

Energy saving is all about identifying appliances or systems that consume more energy and eliminating potential waste by creating a plan. Modern technology provides remote control and supervision as well as feature programming. This combination allows you to optimize your energy consumption and prevent any opportunity for wastage. Make sure you review your needs and compare different solutions before purchasing any smart appliance. You can always find companies that provide free energy audits and consultancy.

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